Higher Education: Studied B.A. Hons. Mathematics from Loyola College, Madras from 1931 to 1934 and secured First Class First. Got his M.A. Degree in Mathematics of the Madras University on payment of a token sum as was the custom in some universities in India , those days.

Research Work after M.A. : His teachers were the well known Prof.K.Anand Rau and Prof. R. Vaidyanathaswamy . For a few years he worked under R.Vaidyanathaswamy. After studying the books ” Mathoden der Mathematics Physik ” of Prof. Richard Courant and Prof.Lichtenstein, then Prof.Razaiuddin Siddiqui author of Lectures on Quantum Mechanics and former Professor of Osmania University and who worked under Prof. Werner Heisenberg of Germany he published a few papers in Non-Linear Parabolic Equations.

His thesis was entitled “Fourier Ansatz and Non- Linear Parabolic Equations.” Some of his papers were published in the Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences while most of them appeared in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society. The thesis as a whole was published by the Madras University in their Journal.

In the year 1940 he was awarded the D.Sc. in Mathematics of the Madras University, its distinguished alumnus, the much coveted degree of those days of a reputed university. For some time he was Research Fellow, Department of Mathematics of the Madras University on a meager sum.

For a long time he was without any financial assistance and during that period he eked out his livelihood by private tuitions . Dr.P.K.Menon, Director , Joint Cipher Bureau, New Delhi mention that the active Mathematician of Madras that he was in those days and the name he made for himself in mathematical circles of Madras. He was and active member and was primarily responsible for organising a mainature Mathematics Club at Madras , of which Prof.C.T.Rajagopal, Prof.K.Chandrasekharan, Prof.K.G.Ramanathan and few others were active participants. His work attracted the attention of stalwarts in the field of Partial Differential Equations at that time, one of them being Dr.Richard Courant , Professor Emeritus , Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. The report on his thesis was excellent and it was praised very much. His thesis was adjudged to be one of the best thesis for the year 1940 and awarded the Narsinga Rao Medal and also he was awarded the Ramanujam Medal.

Prof.Minakshisundaram could not secure a job in those difficult days in spite of his academic distinctions. Late Prof.Narsinga Rao promised him the job of a Tutor in Mathematics at the Annamalia University, Annamalainagar when he was the Head of the Department of Mathematics there. But in 1943 , when the Department of Mathematical Physics was started by the University at the initiative of late Dr. C.R.Reddy, an eminent educationist, and under the Headship of Prof.Nagendra Nath, Minakshisundaram was offered the post of Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Physics by Dr.. C.R.Reddy who was very much impressed with his academic achievements.Thus he joined the Andhra University Department of Mathematical Physics as lecturer in the year 1943.

From 1943 to 1946 he worked as Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Physics in the Andhra University. In 1946 he was invited by the Director , Dr.Aydelotte, to be a Member of the School of Mathematics of the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. He was there from 1946 to 1948. Meanwhile the Andhra University Authorities promoted him to Readership in the Department of Mathematical Physics. He worked as Reader in the Department from 1946 to 1950. Late Prof.A.Narsinga Rao was then Head of the Department of Mathematical Physics having come over from Annamalai University at the invitation of late Dr.C.R.Reddy, Vice Chancellor.

Returning from the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, in 1948, he rejoined duty as Reader in the Department of Mathematical Physics, Andhra University and continued in the post till he became Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematical Physics in the year 1951, after the post became vacant due to the retirement of Prof.A.Narsinga Rao in the year 1950.