S. Minakshisundaram
Subbaramiah Minakshisundaram (1913-1968)

Subbaramiah Minakshisundaram (1913-1968), born in Trichur, Kerala on October 12, 1913 is one of the prominent Mathematicians of our time. His father belongs to Salem, Tamilnadu (a neighbourhood of the birth place of Ramanujan). S. Minakshisundaram was educated in Madras. He graduated [BA (Hons.)] in Mathematics from Loyola College [Madras University] in 1934 with first class in the University examination. Although Madras had always a strong tradition of scholarship and learning, many brilliant students also used to opt for the more lucrative and prestigious administrative services. However, S. Minakshisundaram was scholarly and a bit different from his league – he joined Madras University as a research scholar and started working with Ananda Rau. This was a decision that paved way for S. Minakshisundaram to become one of the prominent scholar or Mathematics with his acute analytical skills. The different sections of this dedicated website have details of his academic, personal and scholarly life in great depths.