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Almost every alternate issue of the Proceedings is publishes as a special issue if the articles relating to any specific discipline accumulate to a reasonable number, or if a senior Fellow of the Akademi accepts to collect and edit information related to any thrust area. The Proceedings also publishes regularly articles describing the life and achievements of distinguished scientists, who have contributed richly to the growth of Science and Technology in India. The present number is brought out as a special issue covering papers in Mathematics . It includes an article on the life and significant contributions of Prof.S.Minakshisundaram , a mathematician of top order and the Founder Fellow of the Akademi.

The inspiration to go in for this special issue was derived from an article of M.S.Raghunathan-(Artless Innocents and Ivory Tower Sophisticates : Some Personalities on the Indian Mathematical Scene, Current Science, 2003, 85, 4, 526-536), which identified about 15 outstanding Inian Mathematicians of the twentieth century. The list starts with Ramanujam and prominently projects Minakshisundaram. Barring Ramanujam , the names in the list are unfamiliar outside the circle of mathematics, despite their outstanding contributions.
Prof.K.L.N.Swamy, who was requested to be the guest editor for the issue, has done a commendable job in inviting papers, arranging refereeing and ensuring their quality.
Most of the distinguished scientists of India have come from humble homes and had their education in rural settings. The earliest articles published in the Proceedings greatly support this inference. Besides his own zeal , dedication and vision, a successful scientist requires prompt recognition, suitable rewards and proper environment for creative work.