Ananda Rao got to know Ramnujan in Cambridge and he has this to say about his illustrious colleague: ‘In his nature he was simple, entirely free from affection with no trace whatever of his being self conscious of his abilities.


Another figure of importance in Indian mathematics of that time was Vaidyanathaswamy, also from Madras. He too went to England, not Cambridgethough, to work with some British mathematicians , but that was after some years as a research scholar at the University of Madras.


I should like to emphasize that in his case as well as in the case of Anand Rau, their career decisions were taken well before the Ramanujan story broke out. Also most of Vaidyanathaswamy’s mathematical interests were far removed from those of Ramanujan’s and he was among the earliest to venture into areas such as Symbolic Logic, Lattice Theory and Topology that were not British favourites of his times.