He was thus a very important person of the Andhra University and his many sided personality was fully utilized by the University. He was Honorary Librarian of the Andhra University Library during 1958 to 1959. He also officiated as the Warden of the Andhra University Hostels twice.He was in charge Register of the University for a short period. Whatever position of responsibility he occupied he brought forth a significant color to it and distinguished himself.

With missionary zeal he set before himself the noble task of spreading whatever he knew in mathematics to his fellowmen even rejecting lucrative offers of more money and facilities for creatice work elsewhere. He was offered Professorship at reputed American University while he was at Princeton and he rejected the offer in view of his desire to be of service to his country and his countrymen . To be useful to play his part to put them on the road to progress and enlightenment.

During the year 1966 to 1967 he was deputed as Research Professor of Mathematics at the ” Indian Institute for Advance Studies,” Simla. At a function organized under the auspices of the Faculty club of Andhra University bidding him farewell, Prof.K.Satchidananda Murthy, professor of philosophy and at present principal of the Post Graduate Center of the Andhra University, Guntur, congratulating him on his appointment, mentioned that his knowledge of contemporary philosophy was such to entitle him without the usual rigmarole, a Master’s Degree of any standard university of repute in philosophy.This speaks of his great interest in philosophy too.

He was very social and had many friends in all ranks of the University Staff and elsewhere. There was none who did not know Prof.Minakshisundaram for generations and generations of students, colleagues and administrative personnel. In a sense he was an idealist, and often at times used to live in a world of his own, always dreamy and always thoughtful, thinking over some some problem mathematical or otherwise. Mrs.Minakshisundaram had to take a lot of pains to remind him of his food and other small human requirements of daily life.

He had an eye for talent and ability and wherever it was found he used to enslave himself for them. Most of the young talented students were his great friends and he used to derive aesthetic pleasure in their company. He trained a number of students for various examinations and many of them now occupy positions of responsibility in various walks of life.

During the year 1967, while he was at Simla, he was once again invited by the then Vice Chancellor Prof. K.R.Srinivasa Iyengar to be the first Director and later Principal of the Post Graduate Center of the Andhra university at Guntur. As Prof.S.Minakshisundaram had a soft corner for Andhra University he relinquished his post at Simla and rejoined the University.He occupied himself both day and night in organising the Center in various ways which shortened his life as is seen from his premature death through heart disease due to overwork. He had a severe heart attack at Guntur and had to retire prmaturely from service of the University much to his regret and those of his admirers.

While at Guntur he was offered a Research Professorship in Mathematics at the Institute for Fluid Dynamics and Applied Mathematics, College Park, University of Maryland, USA. on a very high salary and attractive terms in recognition of his unusual talents and abilities . Unfortunately, he could not avail himself of the opportunity because of his bad health at that time. His name was proposed for the post of President of the Indian Mathematical Society, a unique academic honor, but we could not see him function as President of the Society. He was also selected as Research professor in Mathematics under the U.G.C. scheme for Retired Professors in India. But even this opportunity was denied by cruel Fate which took away his precious life quite unexpectedly. He had a panoramic plan of publishing a number of books on advanced mathematics and it should be mentioned that his premature death was a great loss to Indian Mathematics.

He belonged to a respectable family devoted to the spirit of higher learning. His two daughters were married while he was alive and his son was married recently.