A Tribute to the Memory of SMS – By Smt.M.Parvathi. (Wife of SMS)


Dr.S.Minakshisundaram married me on May 10th 1937. I was born in 1924 and was only 13 years of age . He was loved and respected by all the family members, even distant relations. His values were sincere and divine. He cared and showed great regard to one and all in the family. He struggled from early life and achieved fame, name and wealth. He gave generously any help, monetary or otherwise to any relations or family member empathetically. Any poor student came to his door spontaneously he helped . He would pay their fees and for hostel accommodation and food. His death brought so many unknown people to our home to express their sorrow, pay homage to a kind, generous and great man.

He had great love and respect for his mother. His childhood, education till college was all in Madras. In 1937 he was given a small job in the madras Univerisity Library. Smultaneously he started Research work. He was working hor his Doctoral thesis. Along with him Sri R.V. Vaidyanath also was working. He went with Madras Univ. Prof, Sri Ananda Rao to Anna Malai Univ. to deliver a lecture. Then he was appointed as Tutor in Madras Loyola.

In 1940 he was awarded the Doctorate D.Sc. he was hardly 27 years of age. He joined Andhra University which was at Guntur in those days because of Evacuation from Waltair during the IInd world war. In 1946 along with Sri. Chandra Shekhar he went to America for two years. He was invited to princeton Institute. He worked with several stalwarts in the field of Mathematics and Physics such as Albert Einstein. In 1948 returned by ship via Ceylon. He wrote a letter that I should take his brother’s help and proceed by boat to Colombo. He wanted some money also to be brought for the official clearance. As our youngest child,a girl of 2 years could not stay without me, we had to carry her.

Rerurning to madras we proceded to Visakhapatnam. The war was over and the Andhra University was shifted back to Waltair from Guntur. He re-joined as Reader. In 1950 he became Professor. Again from US, he was invites to give guest lecturers and for conference. He also was offered appointments from IIT madras and at Tirupathi. The Vice- Chancellor of Andhra University requested him not to accept these offers. Even Osmania University had offered him a Professor’s post.

Dr. S. Radha krishnan, the second President of India, his son Dr. S. Gopal, the Historian and professor in delhi University started his career as lecturer in Andhra University. He was a close friend of my husband. Along with them was Dr. S.T. Krishnama Chari, professor of German and French. The three were good friends.

Again in 1957 he visited US and Edinburgh U.K. for guest lecturers. In 1966 he went to Simla as Research Professor.